Date Established:  January 9, 1996

Start of Commercial Operation: October 1, 1996

Nationality: Japanese Multinational Firm

Owner : Ushio Inc.- Japan

Main Business : Manufacture, Sale and Export of Various Lamps

Main Product : Xenon, Ultra Violet Lamps, Super-High Pressure UV Lamps, Single-Ended Lamps and LD Collimator

 Total Capitalization :       

      Authorized: Php 1,000,000,000.00

      Paid Up: Php 455,000,000.00

      Total Assets :  | P2,492,974,179.32($45,586,111.25) as of April 2024

Total No. of Employees : 647 as of April 2024


To be the leading manufacturer of Xenon, Ultra Violet, Super High Pressure UV and SJ Lamps by providing excellent products in compliance with quality, cost, delivery and safety requirements of our customers throughout the world.


To establish a strong partnership with the customers and suppliers, preserve a total quality and environmental management system, maintain highly motivated and well-trained staff, and promotes continuous improvement, unity, teamwork and professional growth.

Integrated Management Policy

We pledge ourselves to be the leader in manufacturing of Xenon, Ultra Violet, Super High Pressure UV, Halogen Lamps and assembly of Laser Diode Collimator while providing customer satisfaction through high quality products, environment protection, compliance with all legal and other requirements and ensuring the highest level of occupational health and safety in the workplace. Our commitment to quality, environment, health and safety is reflected through programs focused on continual improvement, pollution prevention, sustainable resource use, injury and ill health prevention, compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies and periodic review on the policy, objectives and targets.

We strive to be recognized by our employees, suppliers and service providers through training, orientation or other means so that each may read and understand this policy and make it available to the public.

ISO Certification